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7/13/2001 -
This site won the golden web award

7/6/2001 -
Began the Game Maker top ten sites list, Click here to join, or Click here to view results

7/2/2001 -
Added game Karplex to the games page, and changed the games, whats new, and links sections

6/20/2001 -
The New Website layout was put up.


I am the creater and founder of P.D.G. I make games and work on the website and answer all e-mails.

Newtron Storm:
Helps with making games and game ideas.

Newest PDG member. Helps with graphics, games, and the website. Please visit his website at http://www.viresoft.5u.com/

Join P.D.G.
Were looking for people to join P.D.G. to work on games, graphics, and/or the website. E-mail us to help.

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